Fall Family Days consists of the following Attractions and Events to be held only on Saturday.

Artists, Crafters,& Vendors.  This year you will find our cabins filled with items created by various artists, crafters, and vendors.  Their items will be on display for viewing and purchase.  Please patronize them as they are patronizing Camp Sinawa.  Not all cabins have been filled so if you are a vendor, artist or craftsperson and would like to rent a cabin, please contact us via email.  We can send you an application.

Pumpkin Painting  Kids pick a pumpkin and then decorate it using watercolors and their imagination. (Donations are accepted for each pumpkin)

Wood Carving Demonstration  Watch a local group of Wood Carvers perform their skills on various types of wooden projects. 

Sand Dig for Treasures  An event for the kids.  They can dig in a sand box and search for buried treasures.  Times will be announced each day. 

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides  Ride on a wagon thru the Western woods of Camp Sinawa.

Black Sheep Wool Spinners  Watch a local group spin yarn and create items with the yarn.

Make a Nature Critter  Use your talents and local materials to create your 'Nature Critter'. (Donations are accepted for each critter).

Sawmill Demo (cancelled)

Bird  house building kits for onsite construction.  Assistance will be provided for help with construction.  Prebuilt houses available for sale.

Basket Raffle  Buy chances to win a 'Goody' basket filled with treasures.  Drawing to be held on Sunday.

Nature Tours  Tour starts at 11 am and also at 1 pm.

Camp Tour        Tour starts at 12 noon and also at 2 pm.

SCA Demonstration  Society for Creative Anarchism.  Watch Medieval 'fight to the death' battles, using weaponry from the Middle Ages.  

Medieval Re-enactment  Kids of all ages can fight a Knight in Armor.  

Fun Kids Games

Plus a few more events/activities which haven't been confirmed at this time.

Family Food and refreshments   Home made food including hot dogs, hamburgers,  baked goods, , soft drinks, etc.    Reasonably priced and delicious.

We are requesting a donation admission per carload for this event.  Parking available onsite.


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