What is currently happening at Camp Sinawa? 

Camp Sinawa is considering alternatives to construct a Chapel/Museum which will benefit and honor visitors, campers, and past and present members of Camp Sinawa.  Estimated costs for construction are approximately $80,000.  Please be generous in your donation to this project.

2015 was earmarked for logging part of the Managed Forest which is located on the west side of camp.   You may have seen a great deal of heavy logging equipment moving on Sinawa Road. Lots of logs have been harvested.  They will be turned into Lumber, wood pulp, and many other commodity products.  We are fortunate to have an area of forested land with a great variety of healthy species of trees.  This managed harvest will enable the forest to replenish itself and maintain a healthy, prospering growth of trees to benefit future generations.  (See Photos).

2016  We are currently upgrading the existing parking lot which will have a 100% covered hard surface.  It will be enlarged to accomodate more parking spaces.  This is a much needed improvement.  Project will be completed by the end of August.

If you wish to donate any sum of money and designate its use, please contact Georgia Kollway or Jon/Sarah Jansen at the Camp or you may send your donation check to:

Camp Sinawa

9113 Sinawa Road

Valders, WI. 54245

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